Welcome to the Bluewater Bay MSBU Website

The purpose of the Bluewater Bay Municipal Services Benefit Unit (MSBU) is to supplement various community services provided by Okaloosa County and the State of Florida. The MSBU Ordinance, adopted by residents in 2004, established an annual tax assessment on each parcel, funding services for right-of-way improvements, landscaping, repair & maintenance of irrigation systems, community sign repair, and streetlights. An elected Board oversees the MSBU.


The mission of the Bluewater Bay MSBU is to preserve and enhance the quality of life of its residents, to preserve and enhance property values along with the natural environment, and to manage the MSBU’s mission in a cost-effective manner.


Our vision is to maintain Bluewater Bay as an outstanding residential community by promoting a strong sense of community and enriching the quality of life for its members. Our desire is to ensure the community is attractive, well-maintained, and safe, by providing safe and attractive roads, sidewalks and park-like areas for residents to enjoy. We wish to contribute positively to the members’ investment in Bluewater Bay by preserving property values while ensuring the guiding principles result in the pursuit of excellence.


MSBU Board of Directors Meeting

The next scheduled Board of Directors meeting is at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, December 12, 2017, in the Conference Room of Bluewater Association Management, located at 4400 Hwy. 20 Suite 311, in the Merchants’ Walk center in Niceville.

 Laurel Wilt Found in Bluewater Bay

Trees infected with Laurel Wilt have been found in Bluewater Bay. These trees have been infested with an Ambrosia Beetle which attacks the tree and causes it to die. Infected trees should be cut down and chipped on site. Transporting infected trees will spread the disease which is discouraged by the county arborist. For more information visit freshfromflorida.com or contact Okaloosa County Extension Agent, Sheila Dunning, 850-689-5850, for information on the proper removal of the trees.

For More Information about protecting your trees click here.

Storm Water Grant Update

Click Here to access Reports for the Storm Water Grants


Community Clean Up Day

Come join us January 6, 2018 8AM – 11PM. Click here for more details! 


If you are having any issues with Coyotes please refer to this Website


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